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Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake, Arizona bass fishing.

Canyon Lake- If your looking to hook into a monster bass you've come to the right

place! Canyon Lake is well known for producing huge bass, in fact the Arizona State

record for Largemouth Bass was caught here weighing in at an astounding 16 lbs.

7.68 oz. in 1997.


At an elevation of about 1,600 feet, 28 miles of shoreline and 950 surface acres of

water, Canyon Lake does not disappoint. 

Canyon Lake was created in 1925 by the construction of the Mormon Flat Dam on the

200-mile Salt River. From the efforts of the Salt River Valley Association and the Salt

River Project creating a chain of lakes 60 miles long used for reliable water supply,

irrigation, flood control, and hydroelectricity. Canyon Lake is the third and smallest

lake in the chain. Apache Lake, Roosevelt Lake, and Saguaro Lake are the other

three all on the Tonto National Forest. Made possible by President Theodore

Roosevelt's signing of the National Reclamation Act, the lake became a popular

destination for exciting recreation opportunities. By far, Canyon is the most

picturesque lake in the Phoenix area, with stunning red rock cliffs, and Sonoran












One of our favorite lakes to swing for the fences, so to speak, hoping to catch a bass

of a lifetime. The Arizona Game & Fish Department annually stocks the lake with

Rainbow Trout on a monthly basis from November to March. Those big Largemouth

have a feeding frensy when this happens. You may not catch a lot of fish at Canyon

but when you hook into one, the chances are it's going to be big!

While on the water, make sure you keep your eyes open for wildlife. Often you can

see Bald Eagles, Big Horn sheep, deer, and javelina during your trip.

Canyon Lake fish species include Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, rainbow trout,

yellow bass, crappie, sunfish, channel catfish, walleye, and carp.

If you're planning a trip to Canyon and wanting to try your hand at catching a bass of

a lifetime, give Phoenix Fishing Guides a call at 480-264-1101 so we can talk fishing

conditions and what we might be throwing that day. Remember, we supply all the gear

and tackle to make your day a memorable one!  

Canyon Lake, Arizona fishing. Largemouth bass fishing
Canyon Lake, Arizona. bass fishing guides. Big Largemouth Bass
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