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Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Lake, Arizona. Bass fishing Arizona guides.

Theodore Roosevelt Lake (also known as Roosevelt Lake) is a large reservoir formed by the Theodore Roosevelt Dam on the Salt River as part of the Salt River Project (SRP). Located roughly 80 miles northeast of Phoenix. Roosevelt lake is the largest lake or reservoir located entirely within the state of Arizona. Lake Mead and Lake Powell are larger but both are located partially within the bordering states of Nevada and Utah respectively.

The reservoir and the masonry dam were named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt who dedicated the dam himself in March 1911. At 280 feet in height, it was the tallest masonry dam in the world and one of the first dams to provide hydroelectric power as well as water for irrigation. The dam has since gained 77 additional feet, increasing the lake's storage capacity by another 20 percent.
















Roosevelt Lake is located on the Tonto National Forest in central Arizona. At full capacity, the lake is approximately 22 miles long with nearly 128 miles of shoreline with a water surface elevation of 2151 feet.

Roosevelt Lake is known as one of the best bass fishing lakes in Arizona and has few rivals for producing great trophy fish. Bass in the 3 to 5 pound range are common, and there's a genuine chance at a 10 pounder. Previous records at Roosevelt Lake for both Largemouth bass (14 lbs. 8 oz.) and for smallmouth bass (7 lbs. 0.96 oz.). Catfish weighing more than 60 lbs. have been caught here. Crappie weighing in excess of one pound are commonly caught at Roosevelt Lake.


One of the things that make Roosevelt Lake a great place to fish is that it has fishable water year-round. The lake stays fairly warm in the winter and has plenty of deep structure that fish favor when the summer temperatures rise. 

After a gradual decline in the fishery in the mid 2000's, Arizona Game & Fish Department began stocking Florida strain largemouth bass in 2016 for the first time since the 80's. Reports since then suggest that Roosevelt Lake is producing more big bass than it has in decades.

Planning your trip

Roosevelt Lake is a year-round fishing destination, although spring and fall are the best seasons for most species. If you're planning a trip to Roosevelt Lake, whether it's your first-time fishing or you've fished there many times before give Phoenix Fishing Guides a call at 480-264-1101 so we can help you plan a successful fishing trip on one of Arizona's premier lakes.


Directions to Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Lake sits approximately 80 miles northeast of Phoenix and 30 miles northwest of Globe, AZ. It's part of the Tonto National Forest

If you're driving from Scottsdale or North Phoenix, it may be quicker to take AZ 87 (the Beeline Highway) toward Payson and turn right at AZ 188, driving approximately 33 miles to the Roosevelt Lake Marina.

From Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek areas, take the US 60 east past Apache Junction. Continue to Miami, and just before entering Globe, turn left on AZ 188. It's a 28 mile drive to the Roosevelt Lake Marina. 

The Apache Trail (AZ 88) route is closed indefinitely following a fire and flooding in 2019.

Theodore Roosevelt Dam, Roosevelt Lake, Arizona. Arizona fishing guides.
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