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“Topwater Fishing!” Summer Mornings are Explosive Times to Fish for Bass.

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Bass are cold-blooded creatures, meaning their body temperature is influenced by the temperature of their surroundings. In hot summer weather, the water temperature rises, which increases the metabolic activity of bass and their prey. This metabolic boost can make bass more active and eager to feed during the early morning when the water temperature is relatively cooler. Warm water holds less dissolved oxygen compared to cooler water. As the day progresses and the sun heats up the water, oxygen levels can decrease, making it more challenging for fish to obtain the oxygen they need.

During the early morning, before the heat of the day sets in, oxygen levels are typically higher, providing bass with a more comfortable environment for increased activity. Hot summer mornings often coincide with increased insect activity. Insects are a vital food source for bass, and their heightened activity during this time can provide abundant feeding opportunities. Topwater baits, which imitate insects or small baitfish on the water's surface, can effectively mimic the natural prey and trigger a feeding response from bass. Bass are more likely to feed near the surface during the early morning hours when the water temperature is cooler and prey activity is high.

Topwater baits, as their name suggests, operate on or just below the water's surface, making them ideal for targeting bass in this feeding zone. Topwater baits generate visual and auditory stimuli that can grab the attention of bass. The splashing, buzzing, or popping sounds created by these lures can simulate the movements and distress signals of prey, triggering a predatory response. The visual disturbance and lifelike action of topwater baits make them highly visible and enticing to bass.

Bass are known for their aggression towards intruders in their territory. Topwater baits, with their active and attention-grabbing presentations, can provoke territorial instincts in bass, causing them to strike out of aggression or to defend their feeding area. Topwater strikes are visually exciting and offer an exhilarating experience for anglers. The anticipation and explosive surface strikes associated with topwater fishing can make it a preferred method for targeting bass during hot summer mornings.

While topwater baits can be effective throughout the day, their success is often heightened during warm summer mornings due to the combination of favorable feeding conditions, increased bass activity, and the effectiveness of their presentations in mimicking natural prey.

Overall, topwater baits excel at capitalizing on the feeding behavior, oxygen dynamics, ambush opportunities, visual appeal, and cooler water temperatures that are often present during hot summer mornings. By presenting a realistic and enticing meal at the surface, anglers increase their chances of enticing bass to strike and enjoy the thrill of topwater action.

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